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[Glit©h]: What you won't see at Cannes
Alternative film festival proves unconventional
Tuesday, October 12, 2004 - by Luisa Santos

"One entry guaranteed to keep audiences interested and entertained is the Canadian short Straitjacket Lottery. Exceeding the 10-minute mark, this 22-minute comedic drama depicts the antics of Boris the bus driver. Assigned to deliver five mental health patients to another facility, Boris' normal workday goes awry when one patient, overwhelmed with intense claustrophobia, leads the other four patients to freedom. After failing to retrieve them, Boris is overcome with panic and then tries to lure random civilians onto his bus. Considering the film's unconventional plot, the Straitjacket Lottery is unlikely to have been presented at more conventional festivals like the one held in Cannes every year."

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