Dave Huband

David Huband
As well as being a feature film actor, David Huband’s television commercial reel is extensive. David’s feature work includes Cube Zero, Wrong Turn, The Ladies Man, Frequency, Police Academy 3 and Tommy Boy. His television work includes Kung-Fu, Robo-Cop, Top Cops, The Newsroom, The Red Green Show and Street Legal

Tara Slone

Tara Slone
Tara Slone is known best as the lead singer of the acclaimed Canadian rock band, Joydrop (Tommy Boy Records). Her acting credits include Foolproof, Twist of Fate, Hart to Hart: Two Harts in Three-Quarters Time and the television series Nikita

Joe Cobden
Montreal based actor/comedian Joe Cobden has appeared in Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, Suddenly Naked, Nuremberg (TV Mini Series), Hollywood North and Roland Emmerich’s The Day After Tomorrow. Joe’s most recent performance is in Martin Scorsese’s upcoming film The Aviator

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